ASELKON | S4-GT-Extra Black

Κωδικός προϊόντος: S4-GT-EB


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Gauge / 12-3″

Grip / Telescopic

Barrel Length / 61-66-71-76 cm

Action / Hybrid

Caliber12 GA 3″
Chamber76 mm
ActionHybrid System, Twin Piston Gas Operated
Barrel Length47
BarrelChrome-Lined, 4140 Steel Inter Bored Barrel
Choke1 InterPro C
Stock LengthTelescopic -Adjustable
Drop At Heel55±1 mm, 45-50-60 mm Adjustable
Drop At Comb37±1 mm
Weight3.55± kg
ReceiverAluminium Anodized/Cerakote Coating
StockTactical Telescopic
Magazine Capacity5+1 / 7+1 x 12/76
SafetyTrigger Safety
Trigger GuardSpecial Polyurethane
TriggerTrigger Safety, Automatic Locking System, Anti-Repeat System
SightTactical Sight, Ghost Ring Rear Sight
Recoil PadSpecial Polyurethane Pad




The pistons are required to move only ½” for completecycling which results in a faster operation with minimumvibration and quick target acquisition.
Gas powered automatic system. It consists of a self-regulating gas system with a short-stroke piston. It is placed at the bottom of the chamber, near the chamber, to use the hottest gases at a higher pressure. Gases exiting the barrel expand (in the self-adjusting gas system) and rapidly accelerate the stroke of the piston, which simultaneously strikes the bolt follower pin and pushes it
hard enough to cause it to retract.
The gas inlet valve is self-regulating as it acts as a regulating valve that expels excess gas during ignition. The larger the volume of gas flowing through the barrel, the faster the pin valve opens and lets it out, thereby reducing the pressure inside. Self-adjusting, it guarantees shooting accuracy, reliability, durability and certifies Aselkon’s
technological excellence.



Our proprietary refinements to the ultra-reliable Bruno Civolani “floating bolt” action ensure the
Inter Arms is able to quickly cycle even the lightest of 12 gauge loads. The Inter Arms’s rotating
bolt utilizes our unstoppable Inertia Technology Locking System to ensure positive bolt head
lock-up to the breach under all conditions.


nhances load speeds.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος3.55 kg


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